Ultimate Guide to Link Building With Infographics 


Why Backlinks?

Link is a relationship between a pair of web pages. Inlink is also known as a backlink which means a page is linked from some other page. The linking text which we call anchor text can be different and depends on the discretion of the webmaster of the other page. The anchor text itself also influences page rank. The total number of times a page is backlinked is called link impact which is one of the most crucial factors in search engine ranking.

Is link building really hard now? For a new site, it is not an easy task to build a link profile. It takes time and consistent efforts. The penalty tools like Panda and Penguin keep eye on black hat practices and punish those sites by degrading page rank.

Earlier people engaged in black hat link building habits. They used unethical link building practices to increase their backlink profile. Ideally, the quality site with great content should get more visibility so that they can be beneficial for internet users and vibrant search engines. So, rightfully Google introduced these algorithms to keep a check on such unethical habits and to improve the search results and user experience.

The more qualitative and high authority backlinks always have been hard to build. The webmasters of high authority sites generally don’t give a link to low authority sites. But few quality backlinks are better than thousands of low authority backlinks and an infographic can do wonder in getting high authority backlinks.

Does having quality content automatically earn good backlinks? It may earn good backlinks only if this content is visible to the right and relevant bloggers and webmasters. But still there is no guarantee and there are limited chances of getting links.

Moreover, there may be many more people who want to link to your site but they are unaware of your great content. Majority of the sites and blogs don’t have audiences and followers so how would they get link even if they are having great content. Therefore, you should take deliberate action of link building and must have the right kind of strategy. Link earning is great philosophy but link building exercise should be taken deliberately. 

So a smart strategy should revolve around creating quality and engaging content, research on the targeted audience and competitors, publishing content on different platforms where your audiences spend time, making outreach efforts to the webmasters and bloggers with consistent follow-ups. Building a healthy relationship with industry people is the key.

Non-stop backlinks through infographics

The opportunity of building backlinks with infographics can’t be missed. For small businesses and websites building inbound links is difficult but with the help of infographics, it is easy to get tons of links. It can build links quickly and do wonder in improving both traffic and page rank. Investment of time and money in creating stunning infographics always delivers good SEO results.


Infographics make everything better. The age of infographics.Infographics is the secret to enrich backlink profile. so infographics makes possibilities endless.With endless possibilities provided by infographics you not need to worry about creating backlinks.

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